Water Softener for RV- Here What You Need to Know


Do you want to travel to point B from point A in a luxurious way? Do you miss your home when you are on the road? Then a recreational vehicle (RV) is the motor vehicle that will provide you the ultimate satisfaction of your own house even on the road. But when you are on the road with your RV, the problem you will face most-is the proper supply of water. From my personal experience let me tell you- a journey in your RV with a tank full of hard water is the last thing you want. So, if you are unable to find enough volume of soft water, you have to find a way to convert the hard water. And the best way to convert water is to use a water softener.

By the time you have finished this article, you will get the benefit of saving thousands of dollars. This is the money you used to pay till now on plumbing, basins and the all other appliances of the RV- ruined only by hard water.

What Is Water Softener and Why to Use

Before you want to know what, a water softener is, you must know- ‘What is Hard Water’

Hard water is that kind of water that contains more minerals as well as more Calcium and Magnesium ions.

This type of water makes life harder by spoiling every industrial and home appliance in which the water flows. Also, soap and detergent refuse to lather in hard water easily. This costs some more from your pocket for buying unnecessary soaps, shampoos, and detergents.

To get rid of these kinds of problems you need Water Softener. A water softener removes the extra Calcium and Magnesium ions and makes the water soft for daily uses. 

How to Install Water Softener in Your RV?

Installing a water softener is very simple. Maximum water softener today has a ‘Y’ type valve for regeneration. Here is a step by step guide to installing a water softener in your RV.

  • Step 1  (Shut off source water)

The first and the foremost task is to shut off the source of water in your RV. The task of the source is to supply water to the inlet lines. This step helps to stop all the water flow and to ease up your work.

  • Step 2   (Install ‘Y’ valve)

Then you have to install the ‘Y' valve on the other side of the top of the water softener. The ‘Y' valve usually consists of two parts. The drain & the outlet. The drain part helps you to regenerate more quickly and efficiently. The outlet is directly connected to the supply line.

  • Step 3  (Connect the main supply line to the inlet valve)

The main supply line of the system should be connected to the inlet water line of the water softener. The water from the source will now pass right through the inlet line of the softener.

  • Step 4  (Turn off drain part ‘Y’ valve)

Turn off the drain part of the ‘Y’ valve. Now the system should be flushed for a few minutes. To flush the system, you have to open the inlet valve and allow the outlet water to drain.

  • Step 5  (Close both inlet and outlet valve)

Then you have to close both the inlet valve and the outlet valve. Put the water softener in your RV where it is best suited. Link the outlet line to the supply line, it would then take the water in the taps, basin, and showers.

  • Step 6  (Set the water softener vertically)

Set the softener vertically with the ground. That’s it. The softener is ready to go. You can now enjoy the flow of soft water throughout the whole time when you are on a road trip with your RV.

Impact of Water Softener on RV

Without a water softener, you will have hard water flowing in every equipment like the plumbing, taps or your RV’s water filters. This can never be good for any of these appliances. Here are the reasons why you should use a water softener in your precious RV:

  • Saving The Cost Of  Soap

As I have mentioned before, hard water needs a lot more soap for making the same kind of lather produced in soft water. When you use the water softener, it would need much less soap and detergent thus saves a lot of your money.

  • Saving Your Plumbing

Many of our customers have faced different kinds of problems in the plumbing and taps of their RV's. They needed a great amount of money each time they went to repair them. Later it was discovered that most of the problems were occurring because of using hard water in the RV. So, by using water softener you can save all your plumbing and save the money other wasted.

  • Less Expenditure On Maintenance

Every year an average RV user have to spend a huge sum of money in maintenance. Why add more to it? When you do not use a water softener, you need to spend more money on your maintenance than the average. The water heater replacement alone is very expensive. So, a little consciousness would help to save you a huge sum of money for maintenance.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Troubles on The Road

A journey is very joyful and pleasant. But if there is obstruction in every step of your journey would you still think the same? When you are on the journey in an RV, you may face some unexpected troubles with the engine, the air cooler, the compressor etc. A water softener will reduce the needless difficulties on the path of your trip.

  • Removes Odor From Drinking Water

Without using the water softener, the water in an RV emits a bad odor. A filter may filtrate the water but it would never change the chemical components. As a result, the odor will remain the same. By using a water softener, you can get rid of this problem.

  • A Fresh Bath Every Time

A journey may be thrilling but it is also tedious and exhausting. When you are using an RV that means you want the taste of home in the way of your journey. A perfect bath can help you to remove the tiredness of the road. But when salty hard water comer out of your shower you will feel dry and clingy feelings to your skin. Water softener helps you to remove this sticky feeling.

Cautions You Need To Follow

A water softener is a device that offers you some of the greatest benefits, right? But when the softener you buy is not perfect for your RV, it can backfire. So, you should follow some instructions before buying a water softener, especially for RV.

  • Immobility

Whenever you are buying water softener for your RV, your top concern should be given on the mobility and transportability of the softener. There are different types of water softener for various purposes. Most of them are for home usage. But you should buy the one which gives you full freedom of moving one place to another without any problem.

  • Too many Expensive Softeners

A water softener may save you from a lot of trouble. But if you are thinking you have to spend a ton of money to get this feature, you are absolutely wrong. The water softener comes in a definite price range. Though different kind of company supplies some softeners of a fat price, you do not need to buy their expensive softener. The mid-range water softener will work as same as the expensive ones.

  • Low Water Flow Rate

You must check before buying if the softener can handle the water used by you and your family daily. We measure the flow of water in the unit in gallon per day per person (gpd/person). If it can’t handle properly, there will be a huge drop in the flow of water and hard water will pass through. The main purpose of buying a water softener will then go in vain.

  • Slow Regeneration

When you are planning to buy the perfect water softener for your RV, you also have to consider about the frequency and duration of regeneration of the water softener. The less time it takes to properly regenerate, the more it will be count as the best softener. A regular softener will be regenerated in usually 20-30 minutes and becomes ready to start its work again.

  • Irregular Maintenance

You may have bought the perfect water softener for your RV after a lot of research and choices. But not a single thing would run if it lacks the proper maintenance. Different problems may occur after installing the water softener in your RV. You should provide a proper routine check for keeping the product running without any problem.


Travelling from one place to another always gives us a thrill. But the proper gear should be packed on the way to the journey. In a road trip, there always remains the scarcity of proper drinking and usable water. And you know what? Hard water is never friendly towards your expensive RV.

It is impossible to maintain a good water supply for the plumbing while constantly fighting with the water. An RV may cost you some money. At first, it may seem as an extra cost to install a softener but it isn’t any unnecessary expense. Rather, this is the gadget that will protect you from wasting your precious money and the plumbing of your RV in the future.

Therefore, it is never late to install the best water softener in your RV for the safety of you, your family and your expensive RV.